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Wooden Hip Roof Barn Package

This natural finish hip roof wooden barn is a toy that will become an heirloom. It has a haymow, stalls for cows or horses, and the roof opens up so it can be played with easily. There are lots of doors, a front and back double door, a side door and a top window to unload hay bales directly into the haymow! The door opening on front and back is 7" x 7". Items include an, elevator with 5 hay bales and 5 straw bales. A water bucket comes along with the barn and it even has a hook to hang on in the corner. LOTS OF DETAILS! The barn measures 27" L x 17" W x 18" H. The sliding door slides and the chains hook/unhook.

*Does not ship to AK and HI.

Wooden Hip Roof Barn Package

Excluding Sales Tax
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