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Here, you'll find all the latest features and mentions of My Unique Wooden Toys in the press. From magazine articles to online publications, discover what the world is saying about our handcrafted, eco-friendly wooden toys. Stay tuned for updates and see how we're making headlines!

Think back to your childhood. You probably have memories of a favorite toy. Chances are -- there were no electronics involved. A couple in Kosciusko County is making toys that can last forever in a workshop that is small but impressive.  (Read More)

The products that you can find here are truly unique. You can have an amazing time playing along with your kids with Amish built wooden doll houses, the Amish built wooden barns and farm play sets and more. The company believes that there is no better gift than a wooden toy.  (Read More)

With an ever-increasing demand for electronic toys and gadgets, one Silver Lake couple has proven old-fashioned, wooden toys still hold charm for many people. Darren and Teresa Martin-Gay, owners of My Unique Wooden Toys LLC, started their business in 2006 and officially began selling their toys a year later. (Read More)

From wooden toys to athletic apparel to 3d printing to homegrown beef, visitors and customers are bound to find something to their liking. Plus, the money you spend with them stays in the community and benefits the people who call Kosciusko County home. (Read More)

Everything from handcrafted wooden games, to marble rollers, to stick horses, to guns barns, to farm play sets — My Unique Wooden Toys is a wooden toy brand whose proud of their American roots. (Read More)

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