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A-Frame Wooden Barn Set

This package is a little horse lover's dream come true. This unique wooden barn has a corral and stalls with real chain gates that open and close. The roof opens up to a spacious hay loft so the hay and straw bales can be put up for the horses. The elevator has a real crank that is adjustable to the size of the barn and cranks easily for little hands. The barn and elevator have no stains or finishes on them. This package comes with 3 horses, 6 grain bags and 5 hay bales and 5 straw bales. The bales are painted with child safe paints. The fence folds out to 59" long and is 3" high. The barn is 20" x 12" x 14".

*Does not ship to AK and HI.

A-Frame Wooden Barn Set

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