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Wooden Toy Fishing Pole With A Hook And 3 Fish

This is a great toy to teach your child colors and let them learn hand-eye coordination at the same time they are having fun! This fishing pole comes with 3 fish and has approximately 4 feet of line to reel in the big ones your little one catches! This one takes a little more skill than the magnetic ones, but even our 2 year old grandson loves this unique wooden pole! The strings work great to catch the big whoppin' fish! Choose between Walnut on the Left or Maple on the right. Message me if you want it gift wrapped. Gift wrapping is an extra charge.


We have made lots of fishing poles for weddings for the ring bearer and this one will also work great for that special day. The fish and bobber are painted with safe AP paint. Extra fish may be purchased on this shop site too. Fish come in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple. Engraving is an option.
(Approximately 25" line hangs down when fully unwound)

*This does not ship to AK or HI.*

Wooden Toy Fishing Pole With A Hook And 3 Fish

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