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Wooden Fishing Pole Toy

This is a great toy to teach your child colors and let them learn hand-eye coordination at the same time they are having fun! This fishing pole comes with 1 pole, 3 FABRIC FISH and 3 WOODEN FISH and has approximately 4 feet of line to reel in the big ones your little one catches!


The wooden bobber holds a magnet, which attaches to the magnets in the fish. Fish come in assorted colors. The fishing pole measures approximately 2 feet. Message me if you want it gift wrapped for a small fee. Ages 3+ All items are painted with safe AP paint. Extra fish may be ordered on this Etsy site. Engraving is optional.

(Approximately 25" line hangs down when fully unwound)

*This does not ship to AK or HI.

Wooden Fishing Pole Toy

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